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We are a 100% established independent Ghana based developer that has been at the forefront of infrastructural development for seven decades. Our broad range of project portfolio is testimony to decades of global experience in construction, providing clients with the highest quality service. Combining international expertise with extensive local experience, we provide intelligent construction management services from a perspective invaluable in our industry.
  • Construction is the key element of TAYSEC’s business activities. The company’s operational resources and strategic capabilities embrace building, civil engineering, multi discipline design and project management supported by comprehensive technical facilities. We recommend features that help improve productivity while reducing operation cost and design alternatives to provide clients with the best results.
  • Taysec has successfully established itself in residential, retail, and industrial property development. The company is synonymous with high quality property development, operating mostly in prestigious residential areas and retaining an international reputation for building homes of quality, style and individuality. Our homes range from apartments to entire ‘lifestyle’ developments linked to extensive recreational and community amenities.
  • There are cases where ambitious projects are completed and quickly go to ruin due to the inability to carry out effective maintenance. Taysec however, aims to deliver the best whole life balance to projects. Our Facilities Management Company has highly trained personnel who operate and manage all Taysec residential developments successfully.
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